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What Is Metal Stamping?

Metal Stamping Process Alternative

Stamping is the industrial standard the world over for producing the most parts at the lowest cost. However, stamping metal parts requires a considerable commitment to high volume to justify the hefty capital expense. If the demand for the part is sporadic or unknown then mismatching the forming process to the job can results in a wasteful and disjointed supply-chain. Not every project requires 10,000 pieces per year. When stamping process doesn’t fit - consider metal spinning.

Metal spinnings primary advantage over the metal stamping process is that it reduces metal stamping cost at lower quantities. Furthermore, metal spinning helps streamline the supply-chain and production process by decreasing lead times, improving quality and allows for great flexibility with order quantity.


With Wenzel Metal Spinning specializing in custom metal spun products we have seen a high volume of general products. Some of our most common product types are Cones, Hemisphere, & Tank Heads.

Metal Stamping Cost

Stamping tools, known as hard tools, are very expensive. For small quantity job (less than 10,000 piece) hard tool costs eclipses any possible return. Metal spinning offers an alternative. Spinning tools are low cost. Spinning tools are generally 10 to 20 times less expensive than stamping tools. Metal Stamping Cost is an important factor, but so it time. In addition to being costly, stamping tools have a long lead time. Spinning tools and parts are ready in a few weeks – not months. Wenzel machines all tooling in house to drive down cost and shorten lead time. Contact us to learn more about the stamping process and metal stamping cost.

Metal Stamping Machine Issues

The cost of hard tools isn’t just a large capital expenditure, it’s also a risk. New products often have unknowns, like possible modifications and speculative demand. Metal spinning tools low cost mitigates risk. Spinning tools can be easily and rapidly changed for changing designs, helping a product to adapt. A spinning can carry a product from proof of concept, through prototype to full production. Spinnings allow for maximum flexibility with the least risk. Spinnings lower tooling costs makes entry into a market, faster, easier and with the least risk.

Stamped Metal Parts Quality Issues

Low quantity stampings are plagued by quality issues or deformities that can make integration or assembly difficult – like oil canning, dog earring, twist/warp and coatings of dirty vicious stamping lubricant. Spinnings are produced by hand or on a CNC lathe, as a result every part is individual formed and inspected by a skilled operator. Each spun part receives attention, weeding out the bad parts that slow down final production. 

Short-Run Stamping Alternative

Stamping tools have a long lead-times, and so do stamped parts. Stampings also have large minimum order requirements.  At Wenzel there are no minimum order quantities and we are flexible at order quantity. This allows customers using spun products to more effectively control their inventory based on actual demand - instead of forecasts or set shipment sizes dictated by the stamping house.  Wenzel’s customers choose their own lots sizes, stock levels, and order quantities.

Low Volume Stamping Alternative

Different jobs and products require different forming methods. For low to medium size projects the low cost, flexible answer is spinning. Contact the expert staff at Wenzel to help fine-tune the details. 

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We spin metal to your unique specifications rather than ask you to design your specifications around our spun metal parts. This approach delivers, in a cost-effective manner, a truly customized metal part that meets your expectations every time.

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