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Metal Spin Forming Shapes

Metal Spin Forming Shapes

Metal spin forming is for concentric shapes, which means all spun parts are round. Because spun parts are mostly round, metal spinning allows for a variety of radii. For a spun radius, it should measure at least two times the material thickness.

In addition, metal spinning can also utilize a range of embosses, ribs, steps, hems, and beads which in addition to their primary function, also increase the stiffness of a part. This increased stiffness allows for thinner and lighter material, making Wenzel’s metal spinning pound-for-pound more cost-effective than fabricating or stamping. Contact our team of experts to learn more about our conical metal shapes and spun metal shapes. 

What shapes can metal spin forming produce?

Common shapes include:

  • Conical – cone shaped
  • Parabolic – bell-shaped/dished
  • Toroidal– donut shaped
  • Hemispherical – half of a sphere
  • Venturi – hourglass-shaped
  • Cylindrical and lid shapes

To learn more about our conical metal shapes and spun metal shapes capabilities or if you are unsure if the shape of your part is a good fit for the spinning process, please contact Wenzel Metal Spinning. We are happy to assist you with modifications that can make your part more spin-friendly.

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