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Special Alloy Forming & Spinning

For our customers with unique material needs Wenzel Metal Spinning has the capabilities to offer spinnings in a variety of special materials. Wenzel Metal Spinning’s manual lathe operators are first and foremost skilled craftsman capable of producing top quality pieces made from copper, brass and bronze.

At Wenzel, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with parts that meet dimensional requirements, but can also fulfill aesthetic demands for copper, brass, and bronze metal spinning. However, Wenzel’s capacity with special material isn’t limited to red metals. We also possess the means to work with special high strength steel for industrial applications.

Spun Rings

Spun Rings

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We spin metal to your unique specifications rather than ask you to design your specifications around our spun metal parts. This approach delivers, in a cost-effective manner, a truly customized metal part that meets your expectations every time.

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Cylinders, Tube and Pipe

At both of our manufacturing facilities, Wenzel Metal Spinning has the ability to roll and seam weld cylinders in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Traditional metal spinnings are seamless and free of welds. However, welded cylinders create a range of possibilities for different depths, hole patterns and sizable cost savings. In additional to cylinder spinning, Wenzel offers additional value added operations to pipe and tube such as swedging, reducing and flanging. Contact Wenzel Metal Spinning today for all your bronze, brass, and copper metal spinning needs!

High Strength Steel

Wenzel Metal Spinning has the know-how to shape superior pieces from these tough steels. These high strength steels work well in many applications where rigidity or wear are especially important.

The metal spinning experts at Wenzel Metal Spinning can help you see if your spinnings can benefit from being formed from these high strength steel:

  • INX
  • Inconel
  • Grade 50 / Corten
  • Hastelloy

Industries & Applications

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