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Frequently Asked Questions

Metal spinning is a cold worked metal forming process which starts with flat sheet metal cut into a disk and then forms the material over a rotating mandrel to make a round shape.

  • Skilled workforce dedicated to quality
  • Emphasis on customer service
  • Quick and prompt deliveries at a competitive price
  • We have a 24 hour turn-around time on most inquiries
  • Quick and low-cost tooling
  • No minimum orders
  • Flexible quantities
  • No twist or spring-back
  • An environmentally friendly process with few emissions and little waste
  • Short lead times

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All forming methods have their own particular limitations and drawbacks. Like all forming processes, in metal spinning each unique part needs is own unique tool. Parts that are redesigned or changed with larger dimension require new tooling.

The metal spinning process is confined to concentric shapes.  Another limitation of metal spinning is that we cannot guarantee a finished material thickness.  Some amount of material thinning will occur and the experienced member of the Wenzel team will assist you in determining a starting thickness if you need any assistance.

Common shapes are:

  • Conical – cone shaped
  • Parabolic – bell shaped/dished
  • Toroidal– donut shaped
  • Hemispherical – half of a sphere  
  • Venturi – hourglass shaped
  • Cylindrical and lid shapes

If you are unsure if the shape of your part is a good fit of the spinning process, please contact Wenzel Metal Spinning. We are happy to assist you with modification that can make your part more spin-friendly.

Wenzel Metal Spinning is proud to offer a standard tolerance of at least +/-.060” on most quotes; however certain exceptions apply on a case by case basis.

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