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Metal Spinning Company

Wenzel Metal Spinning, Inc. is a leading metal spinning company in the industry that uses metal spinning tools to produce custom concentric and symmetrical metal parts production.  Founded in 1982, Wenzel's headquarters is located in Fremont, Indiana which grew and developed until we expanded into our second location in 1990 in Scottsboro, Alabama. Metal spinning, sometimes called metal spin forming, is a unique process that allows us to form complex concentric and conical shapes, up to 96” in diameter, with no seams or welds. Additionally, tooling costs are typically fractional compared to other metal forming processes such as metal stamping.

Metal Spinning to Custom Specifications

We are a metal spinning company that strives to offer our customers a better choice in metal spun parts. We spin metal to your unique specifications rather than ask you to design your specifications around our spun metal parts. This approach delivers, in a cost effective manner, a true customized metal part that meets your expectations every time.

CNC Metal Spinning Equipment

Wenzel Metal Spinning has invested heavily in CNC technology over the past few years making us the most advanced metal spinning company in the United States. This investment alone sets us apart as the industry leader. No metal spinners can offer you more experience, capability, reliability, and efficiency than Wenzel Metal Spinning, Inc.

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Metal Spinning

We specialize in high quality customized metal spinning from two convenient locations (Indiana & Alabama), ensuring a quick delivery.

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Our list of working materials includes aluminum, stainless steel, steel, brass and other special materials.

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Ancillary Services

A few additional services include CNC turret punching, square and circle shearing, press braking and more.

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