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CNC Metal Spinning & Forming

Wenzel Metal Spinning’s strength lies in our investment in CNC metal spinning lathes. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) spinning lathes are the foremost innovation to the metal spinning industry. While the use of manual spinning lathes and techniques will always be very important to our industry, the advantages of CNC metal spinning machines are incredible. The programmability of CNC spinning lathes gives us quick and accurate repeatability. This constant replication allows for better finishes, tighter tolerances and most importantly – faster cycles for metal forming.

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CNC Metal Spinning Lathes

  • Faster Production
  • Identical Parts
  • 29 Top of the Line CNC Lathes
  • Lower Cost
  • Better Finish
  • Short Lead Times
  • Large 78” Swing
  • Low-cost tooling

CNC Flow Forming Services

Wenzel Metal Spinning’s skill with CNC flow forming and CNC spun metal allows us to increase our production rates which in turn helps our customers become more competitive in their industry. Contact us today for CNC metal forming services!

What is CNC Metal Spinning?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and Wenzel's use of this technology allows us to produce higher volumes of metal spun parts more efficiently and more accurately than conventional methods. Quickly and efficiently, Wenzel Metal Spinning can transform sheets of steel into round shapes with minimal waste and minimal start-up cost. Watch Wenzel's CNC metal spinning advantage in the video below. 

CNC Spun Metal Products

With Wenzel Metal Spinning specializing in CNC spun metals we have seen a high volume of general products. Some of our most common product types are Cones, Hemisphere, & Tank Heads.

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